IoPT Workshop Online

INVITATION to the English-Language IoPT Workshop by ZOOM


Open Saturday with IoPT self-encounter processes,

Sa 30th October, 9.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. CET / GMT 8.30 am – 12.30

with short breaks

On this Saturday, three people have the opportunity to work in a group with their own intention. The other participants are resonators or remain observers.

The method of self-encounter with the intention sentence is based on the theory and methodology of Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert: Identity-oriented Psycho-Trauma Theory and Therapy / IoPT, on findings from attachment and trauma research and research on the time of conception, implantation, pregnancy, birth and early life.

The approach explores the psyche of the human being: How inner structures develop on the basis of our biography, the experienced bonding and relationship processes. How confusion and entanglement can arise in us due to traumatic experiences. How afterwards we often cannot clearly separate inside and outside, past and present. How identifications change our psyche. Why our body reacts with symptoms.

WHO AM I? The self – encounter process is experienced and encouraged by working with the intention. The intention paves the way to insights into one’s own identity development, towards regaining one’s own feelings and approaching split-off parts. The intention is explored by three resonators (max.). Step by step a healthy „I“can be developed and re-established through this work, as well as an emotional contact with your own and healthy „will“ to enhance our own life and our relationships.

Working place €95.00, resonators /observers €20.00

For further information and registration: 

Christina Schön

Practice for body-oriented psychotherapy / HpG

Nieder-Olmer Str. 46, 55270 Essenheim, Germany 

Tel:*49 06136 953692,