To my person

Christina Schön

Born in Rheingau in 1954, 2 daughters, married.ChristinaSchoen

Through various training steps - high school teacher, photography apprenticeship, yoga teacher - and other professional searches, I came to body psychotherapy and identity-oriented psycho-trauma therapy / IoPT.

I was able to gain intensive experience in 10 years of therapeutic work (1992-2002)
in in a clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy with a focus on body psychotherapy and dance and movement therapy.

Since 2001 I have been working in my own practice in Essenheim with a wide range of offers.

Training and advanced training for therapeutic work:

I am grateful to all companions and teachers for their support and suggestions. From the bottom of my heart I thank Angelika Koppe, Joachim Lichtenberg, Franz Ruppert and Vivian Broughton. With their different research approaches and their support in my self-encounter processes, I was able to dive deep into my inner being, "more and more injured, more and more healer", expand, open, breathe deeply and begin to win me back. Many parts of me, which I felt for a long time as alien and disconnected, came together (again) like a puzzle. I was able to part with much that did not belong to me. An ever clearer picture of myself emerged and continuous to emerge. A feeling of clarity, unity. An experience of interweaving. and networking...similar to a colorful "carpet" under my feet, carrying me increasingly safer and also letting me appear in the world as it suits me.                

I am happy to accompany you on your very own path.

Who am I ? ?

What I want ?

These are the central questions of the IoPT...

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