I work as a body-oriented psychotherapist - according to the Heilpraktikergesetz: Psycho-Trauma Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy in my own practice in Essenheim - near Mainz.

I work in German  IoPT groups, day seminars and individual sessions.
I work in Englishtoo, See more click here

I accompany individuals - adults and children - couples, families, groups on individual paths to maintain and promote health and zest for life.

Human diversity should be given space and warm, peaceful relationships should be promoted.

My respect goes to the healing powers in nature and in all of us.

I look forward to your contact.

Adaptation to the applicable distance and hygiene rules

In my practice, as in other practices, more attention is paid to distance and hygiene than in almost any other place. There is always long ventilation, disinfection and cleaning several times a day. My practice is a small appointment practice, i.e. no one will enter this place except for people with an agreed appointment.

From my point of view and the current assessment, you can therefore keep your appointment without any particular risk. I am healthy and will react immediately if there is any suspicion.